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Published on 14th January 2018


S T A R D U S T |tap for my voice recording|

The Defining Moment  

The Unexpected Burst of Light and Warmth 

This Collision of Stars.... 

What was A Soul’s Creation and Departure from an imperfect world. 

What an Incandescent Beauty, 

An Undeserving Gift — 

That the Universe would Conspire to Bring to Life a Soul so Refined 

So Pure. 

What Unshakable Conviction

 - When Man Joins the Stars - 

That humanity is so important.

That Every Single Life Matters. 

But tonight I gaze at the stars in search of but one. . . 

And think, What an Honor for so Many to have known you. 

And what a truly Humbling experience to acknowledge and appreciate the true gift from the universe — which too often escapes our minds . . . 

That which for many, many years was certainly a privilege, 

To be given the eyes to see

The Magic but one man, would ultimately be.

May we look at the night sky and smile. For, in sadness we will emerge the strongest of souls. 

For we - awake and born-again - 


W I L L   F L Y 

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