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Published on 19th March 2018

Grace and Grit

G R A C E | & | G R I T 


For Kate. Wishing you the happiest of Birthdays and every day in your new age. 

Let me tell you a tale of wonder.  A tale of a woman who was born curious and free;

Who dances to songs in her head; And speaks her mind with unshakable conviction, knowing individuals are extremely important. 

Her name should be Fearless. 

For, she is every bit a Queen with a soul whose price of admission to life is kindness, integrity, grace, and a little bit of grit. 

I call her Doonkle. Those less creative call her Kate. 

It was a chance meeting. A chance interview with a company I had never heard of after graduate school. She was on my hiring panel for a job — which became a life we would navigate together for over 3 years. 

In that time - more importantly - since that time, it remains that true friends emerged, renewed—each growing wildly in their own professional direction, yet forever entwined personally as agents of this world. 

In my journey I knew many who called themselves leaders, acting as Queens, seeking power, prestige, and fortune--not understanding it is the soul that choreographs one’s biography—not success, nor power, and never fortune. 

They [leaders by title] are just as rampant as they are wrong. 

True leadership was found elsewhere, in the likes of [the] Fearless — she, a moral fighter; free of self-importance; free to fight the good fight(s). 

She is truly a wonder. A woman who, at times, carries the weight of many, including me. 

She, every bit a Queen with a soul who gave me the gift of free admission into her life; 

Showing me the art of kindness, integrity, grace, and a whole lot of grit— Not yet knowing it would be she, showing me that with brave wings I, too, could fly. 

It was said her name should be Fearless. 

But after all the ups, downs, and all we survived. After seeing the mystery and wonder of life continuously unfold all the while imagining what could or couldn’t be…

It was she, teaching me that the very act of imagining was a monumental act of courage. 

Her name, fearlessly, is Kate and my hope is that you too will one day will be witness to:

Such grace. 

And such grit.

Personal Note: Happy Birthday. Thank you for everything.  To know you and call you a friend is nothing short of an honor.

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