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Published on 13th January 2018


The sun is a reminder to always let your soul’s light shine through even when we feel fractured or broken for whatever

reason it may be. For it is only through these fractures, cracks, and imperfections that we are merely souls having a human experience on this beautiful and tragic planet we call home. You have to be willing to look through the lens of your soul’s imagination and love of humanity, and to look up from the ground to notice the little, beautiful, and truly amazing things like a blooming flower, the sun, the stars, the joy and despair in another...

Beauty, to me, is the human experience, which is not entirely subjective. There are things about the world that aren’t beautiful, but I think we should strive have reverence for beauty as revealed in our faults and flaws. I believe we all are born to become an accomplished, even if unconscious, projector of the grace, integrity, and courage we all so imperfectly represent. We only become aware of our own shortcomings when we are in awe of what we cannot explain away and what remains untouched by the human hand. It is in these moments we remember that sometimes it is nice to be made to feel small.

I took a number of photos one sunrise in September. But the chosen two are a reminder that in this short, uncertain life, we – as humans – are beautiful, tragic, and alive. It is only through our struggle that we may stumble upon our strength. Nature - in her waves of abundance - seeks to be seen, yet remains true to her divine existence even when she goes neglected and unseen.

We all have inherent worthiness to the world. My dream is that we may live a life with a passionate love for the world, without any sense of eliteness or difference. But for you, my true friend, I only hope that you realize you deserve it all. The best, the most honest, the most beautiful and purest love and passions in the world. Not only to be seen, understood, and loved by others, but also by yourself. To look at your ever changing reflection with each changing wave in the ocean and think "I am the person I want to be." May you be reminded to always speak up for yourself. Be proud of the woman you are in spite of the person they told they told you to be. You're brave. Remain open. You deserve it all, you know. The whole world beyond the great ocean of separation. And you must never forget. Today is but a new beginning in the vastness of possibility.

But as with every beginning, there is always an end to life.

As for me.....

When my light begins to fade and the end is near, I ask only that in my final moments I gaze at the night sky, wearing nothing but a smile and the wisdom that lies within my sun-kissed soul. And I am overcome with peace when I recognize that – even after everything – it was the beauty of the world that ultimately saved me and maybe you too.

Perhaps, then, humanity will be able to see that in each of our own ordinary ways we gave extraordinary voice to a seemingly mundane world.

This Is Not The End.

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